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    TP Series Turret Punch Press Machine

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    Sheet Galvanized DKP Aluminum

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TP Series Turret Punch Press Machine

CNC Punch


With Turret Punch with small, medium and large sheet metal processing technology you can use features such as drilling, shaping, threading and wheels, post weld type O type body and flexible target configuration for your company to facilitate setting of mold.
Precise and fast turrets, improved hydraulics and 3 automatic index station features give you high quality shaping. Taret Punch Machines provide the operator with ease with moving table, unloading chamber, automatic clamps, CadCam software and control system. With automation systems that increase work security as much as possible for productivity, user safety is increased and user's fatigue is reduced.

For Professional Services

Teknıksat Metal

As Electrical Electromechanics company, we produce all the designs that

the market needs. We can design according to your needs with the kind

of sheet metal you want(SHEET GALVANIZED ALUMINUM DKP) with our

professional R&D and our specialist team of thirty people. Tekniksat is

ready to become the leading company in the metal sector in the direction

of Electromechanic market and our customers wishes.

Teknıksat Metal

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Tekniksat Metal
Tekniksat Metal
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