About Us


As Tekniksat Electric-Electronic Ind. Trd. Inc.,  we offer services to meet your special needs. Our production, design and applications are made using 100% domestic technology. We provide a high quality service by following the quality standards that we established since the first day.

19 "Rack Cabinets and Accessories, Interior and Exterior Panel, Lighting Fixtures, Stands and special productions with its wide range of products. We are aiming to be leader in the sector thanks to its high level of experience and advanced technology.

As Tekniksat Electricity-Electromechanical, our services to our customers are of maximum quality and this service can be maintained in the same way before and after the sales.

We are diligently testing all our products with the aim of guaranteeing this quality. We produce all our products with the latest technology and machines. As a company, our aim is to serve the highest quality in its sector. Today, we continue to push new boundaries and develop new products and innovative solutions.

Tekniksat Electric-Electronic Ind. Trd. Inc.with its goal of providing quality service to many different manufacturing sectors and firms by adding ERMAKSAN brand laser cutting bench to the machine park by developing the sector's manufacturing experience with technology, 3000 m² closed area, expert personnel with expertise in infrastructure, robust infrastructure equipments and machine park the higher the point.

Tekniksat Metal has adopted the principle of being the first-tier supplier and partner company with the support that it has provided to the companies as well as the production and design services in order to meet the expectations of the customers at the highest level.


Our goal is to ensure the continuity of our company with a structure composed of hardworking, dynamic, honest and beloved people, to create a peaceful commercial environment based on the satisfaction of all of our stakeholders, to perfect the production process by utilizing new and technological equipments, to eliminate time lost to ensure that your kind product reaches our customers.


By continuously renewing our production line according to the latest technological developments and adapting to the most innovative and creative trends seen in the sector all over the world, we are able to meet the demands of our customers with our own designs in the best way;

It is also always an entrepreneurial and competitive institution to take active roles in local and national markets.

For Professional Services

As Tekniksat Metal Electric-Electromechanic, we produce all the designs that the market needs. We can design according to your needs with the kind of sheet metal you want with our professional R&D and our specialist team of thirty people (SHEET GALVANIZED ALUMINUM DKP). Tekniksat is ready to become the leading company in the metal sector in the direction of Electromechanic market and our customers' wishes.